Unleashing the Power of GeneratePress Premium: A Comprehensive Review

GeneratePress Premium

Blogging is one of the most powerful mediums to share your thoughts on the web. If you want to start your blogging journey with WordPress then GeneratePress Premium theme should be your first choice. want to know why? then go through this post as we have mentioned every detail in this post.

In WordPress, themes and plugins play a significant role. Some themes are there which can reduce your site loading speed and some themes are there which increase your site loading speed.

One of the themes which increase site loading speed is GeneratePress premium. We have tested and checked every detail of this theme and it improved our website performance significantly.

Overview of GeneratePress Premium

This lightweight theme was developed by Tom Usborne and the team. Generate Press Premium which is also known as GP Premium gained popularity in 2020 since then it has been one of the top 10 fastest and most reliable themes in the market.

GeneratePress is mostly used by bloggers to improve their website performance. Currently, more than 40% of bloggers use this theme. some of the users nowadays use GeneratePress Premium for free by downloading from some GPL site which is not recommended at all.

GeneratePress Premium themes give you the freedom to customize the way you want. To customize this theme you can use generate block editor, Elementor page builder etc.

GeneratePress comes with two versions one is free and another one is premium.

Free Version

  1. Doesn’t have access to the GeneratePress site library.
  2. Cannot change footer credit.
  3. No secondary navigation option.
  4. Doesn’t have many customization options.

Premium Version

  1. It has access to the GeneratePress site library.
  2. Can change footer credit.
  3. secondary navigation option can be edited.
  4. It has many customization options.

Features and Benefits of GeneratePress Premium

  1. Fully Responsive design
  2. Lightweight theme and clean codes
  3. Recommended for Client projects, hobbyist
  4. Super Fast loading speed
  5. Focused on performance and stability
  6. Highly secure and stable
  7. No render-blocking issues
  8. Seo Friendly
  9. Schema markup
  10. 20+ ready-to-use site library
  11. unlimited colour options
  12. Beautiful typography options
  13. WooCommerce – gives more flexibility and controls
  14. Sticky navigation menu
  15. Padding and margin settings option
  16. smooth and infinite scroll
  17. Featured image support with custom settings
  18. Secondary navigation menu support
  19. It’s a small page builder
  20. Six layout options
  21. GeneratePress premium user gets a lot of benefit as well as regular updates.

Speed and performance optimization

GT Metrix:

We have attached the screenshot of gt metrix where we got the results below. As per the gtmetrix we have got

  1. Performance: 99%
  2. Structure: 96%
  3. LCP: 804ms
  4. TBT: 30ms
  5. CLS: 0

GT Metrix

Google Pagespeed: 

As per Google Page speed insight we have got the following results

  1. Performance: 98
  2. Accessibility: 90
  3. Best Practices: 100

PageSpeed Insights

GeneratePress Theme Installation

To install the generate press theme you will need to follow several steps. If you do not follow the steps correctly then you will end up getting some critical error. So let’s start installing the theme step by step.

  1. Go to the admin dashboard.
  2. Click on Appearance>Themes
  3. After that click on Add New button
  4. Search GeneratePress on the search bar.
  5. Click instal after that activate

Congratulations you have successfully installed GeneratePress themes in your WordPress.

GP Premium plugin Installation

To install the gp premium plugin you need to purchase the gp premium from Generate Press’s official site. You can follow the below steps after purchasing.

Let us know how we can use the premium features of the GeneratePress theme by installing gp premium step by step.

  1. Download the GP Premium theme from the official website of Generate Press.
  2. Go To Admin Dashboard
  3. Click on the plugin and  after that upload button
  4. click on the choose file button and upload the zip file of GP Premium
  5. Click on Install and then Activate

Well, Congrats!! you have successfully activated the gp premium plugin now enjoy all the premium features of this theme.

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GeneratePress Premium Pricing and Licensing

GeneratePress premium comes in two licensing options one is yearly and another one is lifetime. Let us know the difference between yearly and lifetime plans.

Full access to the Site LibraryFull access to the Site Library
1 year of updatesLifetime updates
1 year of premium supportLifetime premium Supports
Use on up to 500 websitesUse on up to 500 websites
30 day money-back guarantee30 day money-back guarantee


Top 10 Fastest WordPress theme

We have collected the top 10 fastest WordPress themes and mentioned below.

  1. GeneratePress
  2. Astra
  3. Neve
  4. Hello elementor
  5. OceanWp
  6. Hestia
  7. Writee
  8. Divi
  9. Schema
  10. Zakra

Can I get the GeneratePress premium license key for free?

Well if your friends purchased the GeneratePress premium license key then you can request them to get it for free or else you will need to purchase it from the official website.

Generatepress premium theme free download

We have already mentioned above how you can download the generate press theme and install it in your blog. So you can follow the step-by-step guide to install properly.

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