Call of Duty Mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed Download

Call of Duty Mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed

Call of Duty mobile is an action-shooting video game that Timi Action Group (a subsidiary of Tencent Games) developed. Thus, games have multiplayer modes with different TPP and TPP characteristics.  

Call of Duty mobile acquires more than 10 GB of space in your mobile to allow several modes and characteristics to run smoothly. 

Due to less storage space, we can’t download Call of Duty mobile. Downloading a COD mobile for Android with less storage will cause your phone to suffer lag, glitches, slow down, heating, battery, and other issues.

Call of Duty mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed takes less than 500 MB of storage in the user’s device. Its highly compressed version has been released for every user who wants to experience Call of Duty. 

Information Call of Duty Mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed 
Size Less than 500 MB 
Game Features Support low storage devices, giving a smooth experience 
OS IOS and Android 
Requirements Android – Dual-Core CPU processor 1.2GHz, 2GB RAM minimum and 15 GB

 of internal storage, OS version maybe Android 5.1 or higher.

IOS –  Supports iOS 9 or Higher; iPhone 7 or Higher 


Call of Duty mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed Download 

Call of Duty Mobile is higher regarding sensitivity graphics and storage. It requires about 10 GB – 15 GB of space to run COD mobile comfortably. 

Call of Duty mobile is built for a Play-station PC, mobiles with high quality. But you can download it on your low-storage devices with the help of its highly compressed APK OBB version. 

Call of Duty mobile highly compressed for the Android version, has been tested multiple times to run smoothly on Android and IOS devices. Call of Duty mobile highly compressed is divided into small parts for faster download.

Call of Duty Mobile APK OBB file Highly Compressed games have been popular worldwide. Compared to the original version, there are various factors due to which you can consider Call of Duty mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed.  

Along with featuring all the features available with the original version. COD mobile APK OBB files provide all the features with high quality. In 2023, for COD APK OBB Highly Compressed, Millions of downloads crossed. 

Many gamers and the gaming community primarily accept this game. Users unable to play on COD mobile highly compressed for IOS due to having low storage devices can play its APK OBB version. You can follow the steps below in the article to download a COD highly compressed APK OBB game file. 


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Call of Duty Mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed Downloading Process

For users, a Call of Duty APK OBB file download that is highly compressed is a very easy process if they follow the below instructions properly. These methods and steps are valid for both Android and IOS devices. 

  • Firstly, users must visit the official website where apk obb files of calls if duty mobile is uploaded. 
  • After following the website, they can download the links as Google Drive links on their Android or iOS devices. 
  • The file will only be downloaded on your device when you can download unknown sources.  You can download these game file links by checking the unknown sources installation from your phone browser.  
  • The next process involves the extraction of files into the supportable file. You can do this by going to your file section and extracting it to the available format. 
  • Hence, Call of Duty mobile apk obb highly compressed will be installed on your mobile.
  • If everything will be suitable and according to its functioning. Then,  the game will be launched on your phone when you tap it to open. 

Note: – Once users download a game on mobile devices, they can scan it with a proper virus scanner. Scanning the game with the help of a virus scanner helps you detect if any kind of virus is attached to the game. If viruses or malware are found with the game, the scanner will not allow it to download on the mobile. This tip will protect your phone from virus attacks. 

Call of Duty Mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed Game Features

  • Among the other reasons, one of the most valid reasons to download Call of Duty APK OBB Highly Compressed for mobile games is that it easily supports low-storage mobiles. 
  • Call of Duty APK OBB Highly Compressed has a decent performance. Whereas sometimes any lag, glitches or insupportable game file causes in the game rarely. 
  • Despite that, its decent performance is more impressive than the original version.  
  • Call of Duty APK OBB is easily supportable to all devices with IOS and Android devices. 
  • The background,  dimensions, themes, graphics, and sensitivity are perfectly balanced in Call of Duty APK OBB Highly Compressed. 
  • Call of Duty Highly Compressed game is found to have the proper user-friendly features, including different modes. 
  • In the popularity ranking of several Highly Compressed games, Call of Duty, APK OBB Highly Compressed game has a top position. 
  • Call of Duty APK OBB Highly Highly Highly Compressed mobile has a feature of anti-ban for the hackers. 
  • Call of Duty mobile Highly Compressed has an initially built software that blocks viruses and harmful sources when they reach out to download in user devices. 
  • You can place COD Mobile Highly Compressed in first-person and third-person, respectively.


Call of Duty mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed Download is built to support every low-storage device. The game features all different kinds of characteristics, modes, and missions. With ultra-high graphics and a smooth experience, users can enjoy the COD APK OBB Highly Compressed game in 2023.  You should try this APK OBB highly compressed game if you’re interested in playing COD mobile. This version will not affect your phone at any point by giving the best characteristics and services.  


How do you download the COD mobile OBB file? 

You can download the Cod mobile OBB file by visiting the relevant sources in your browser.

COD mobile APK OBB for Android? 

COD mobile APK OBB is available for Android and IOS with less than 500 MB of space. 

How to download the COD mobile highly compressed latest version? 

To download COD mobile Highly Compressed, visit the relevant website for the updated Google Drive links. 

IS 2GB RAM enough for COD mobile to be highly compressed? 

Yes, 2GB RAM supports COD mobile highly compressed games.

Is COD mobile APK OBB Highly Compressed safe? 

Yes, the COD mobile APK OBB file is safe and secure to download. 



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