Heart Mehndi Designs – Latest & Unique in 2024

Heart Mehndi Designs

The most popular symbol of love, a heart, is used to represent the center of emotion, including affection and love, especially romantic love. But when the heart takes its shape in the form of henna it will become more adventurous. We list simple and easy heart mehndi designs that are easy to implement and would look stylish as well. Let’s spot some heart Mehndi designs.

Front hand heart Mehndi design 

1. Simple Heart-Shaped Mehndi Designs for Palm

This is a flawless heart-shaped design made on the palm. The pattern features two hearts, and the middle has a spiral design. This lovely heart-shaped mehndi design will be good for small functions or parties held at home. This design can be tiring for people who prefer simplicity to elegance.

  • Occasion: wedding, engagement 
Simple Heart-Shaped Mehndi Designs for Palm
Simple Heart-Shaped Mehndi Designs for Palm


2. Rajasthani Heart Mehndi Designs

This is a gorgeous Rajasthani mehndi design for the complete palm and wrist, which covers one big heart on the palm with small swirls and leaves around it, giving a stunning look to the hand. All the fingers are designed with one single pattern of leaves. This will be a good choice of design for all occasions.

  • Occasion: parties, performance 
Rajasthani Heart Mehndi Designs
Rajasthani Heart Mehndi Designs


3. Joint Heart Mehndi Designs

This is a famous wedding mehndi design with hearts. It has two half hearts on both hands, and the rest is covered with tiny flowers. Fingers have given a finishing with leaves and dotted flowers; to see the complete design, both hands need to be joined. This symbolizes two hearts coming together with the wedding

  • Occasion: Valentine’s day 


Joint Heart Mehndi Designs
Joint Heart Mehndi Designs

4. Symmetric Heart Henna Design

This is an incredible and effortless heart mehndi design. Beginners can try this technique. The heart is embellished with flower blossoms which makes this heart mehndi design more glamorous. A perfect option for any important function, this henna design is sure to attract eyeballs. One can also go for a designer mehndi design as it looks stunning and elegant as well.

  • Occasion: Special dates, Picnics


Symmetric Heart Henna Design
Symmetric Heart Henna Design


5. Heart With Jaal Pattern

Brides can attempt this astonishing heart mehndi design. One can use this heart henna design at their wedding. The jail pattern with hearts gives a pleasant look to the hands and eyes. This full hand henna design also has the names of the bride and groom embedded in it. Depending upon personal preferences, one can also go for alphabets instead of complete names.

  • Occasion: Karwa chauth, Holi
Heart With Jaal Pattern
Heart With Jaal Pattern


Back hand heart mehndi designs

1. Majestic Heart

A person with a majestic heart is rare but this heart henna design with a majestic heart can be made frequently. This easy mehndi design looks modern and elegant. If you are looking for a back hand mehndi which is simple and has hearts embedded, then this can be an amazing option. The heart in the center drives all the attention and the use of open spaces is well thought off.

  • Occasion: religious event, special parties 
Majestic Heart Back Side Mehndi Design
Majestic Heart Back Side Mehndi Design


2. Delicate Heart Mehndi Designs

Words are insufficient to describe this delicate back hand heart henna design. The heart in this heart mehndi design has been embellished exotically. It might look simple but this heart mehndi design will make us fall in love with henna.

  • Occasion: Eid and other Islamic festivals 
Delicate Heart Mehndi Designs
Delicate Heart Mehndi Designs

3. Dotted Heart Henna Design

Even though the heart is a symbol of modern love but the dots in and around the heart make it look traditional. This heart mehndi design uses various shapes of dots which makes it extremely aesthetic. Do note the use of the alphabet in the middle of the heart which highlights the importance of your loved one.

  • Occasion: Holi, Diwali 
Dotted Heart Henna Design
Dotted Heart Henna Design


4. Heart With Alphabets

It was not only the hearts but the alphabet in this heart mehndi design that got our attention. Just tag your loved ones’ first letter inside your heart and the inside the heart of this heart henna design.

  • Occasion: Bridal’s , Hen parties 
Heart With Alphabets Back Side Mehndi Design
Heart With Alphabets Back Side Mehndi Design


5. Heart Badges

This full hand heart mehndi designs gives an illusion of badges of heart stitched on the hands. The hearts in this henna design seem like they are all connected together even though they are separated. The leaves and the intricate patterns give an illusion of continuity.  Isn’t it simple and stunning? If you are looking for a full hand heart henna design option which is simple and easy to implement, this can be an excellent choice.

  • Occasion: Cultural events, performance 
Heart Badges Back Side Mehndi Design
Heart Badges Back Side Mehndi Design


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rose Mehndi Design

Consider the occasion

Opt for a grand, elaborate design for special occasions and a simpler one for everyday wear.

Match your style

Choose a design that complements your personal taste and wishes.

Think about placement

Full hand designs are ideal for weddings, while finger or wrist designs offer everyday style.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

 There are endless possibilities when it comes to rose mehndi designs, so have fun and be creative.


Heart-shaped mehndi designs offer a romantic and elegant touch to any occasion. Their versatility allows for customization and personalization to suit individual preferences. Whether applied on hands, or feet as temporary tattoos, heart-shaped mehndi designs are a beautiful choice for expressing love and celebrating special moments.


How long does mehndi last for kids?

The mehndi stain will last for several days, and will eventually fade naturally. The length of time the stain lasts will vary depending on your skin type and how well you care for your mehndi design.

How much does mehndi cost?

The cost of mehndi will vary depending on the size and complexity of the design, as well as the location where you get it applied. However, mehndi is generally a relatively inexpensive form of body art.

How long does mehndi last?

The mehndi stain will last for several days, and will eventually fade naturally. The length of time the stain lasts will vary depending on your skin type and how well you care for your mehndi design.

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